“Absolute BEST dentist around.  Kindest & wisest person I’ve met in a looong time.  He legitimately cares about your health and will go out of his way to show you the right way to take care of not only your teeth, but your entire body!  10/10 stars from me.” – Thomas M.

Dr. Michael Taras, DMD, LLC  in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

“My kids are so happy here.  They had so much fun before & after they got their teeth cleaned, they didn’t want to leave.  We’re patients for life!!!” – Sam D.


 Dr. Taras is the leading High-Tech Dentist and the ONLY Holistic Dentist in the entire Lehigh Valley and has a long standing reputation for excellence.

“This is a very nice office.  High tech.  Clean.  The staff are super!  They found out what my insurance would pay right away and called the insurance company for me.  The x-rays are all on the computer and they actually took pictures of my teeth and put them on the TV.  I was able to see the cavities I had on the TV!  Dr. Taras did a great job of explaining everything too.  Everything is so neat and easy in this office.  I love it.” –  Sarah B.


“This is the best dental office I’ve ever been to.  The staff are fantastic.  The office is really clean, modern, and high tech.  Everyone here is very friendly.   Dr. Taras put together a really professional staff!  He also is a holistic dentist, which I really like.  He was able to remove my toxic mercury fillings safely and thoroughly explained every step.  I’m really glad to be a patient here!” – Betty N.

“What a fantastic dentist and office.  I brought my three children and husband and we all loved the experience.  The staff were amazing.  The dentist explained everything really clearly.  The office is spotless!  I referred two families from my church and they also had great experiences.  They had cavities and needed fillings and said that when Dr. Taras gave them novocaine, they never even felt it!  My girlfriend was nervous and Dr. Taras gave her some lavender aromatherapy and she said she calmed right down.  Dr. Taras is amazing!” – Leslie K.

Our services include:

1.  HIGH-TECH Dentistry. – As a Cerec dentist, Dr. Taras can make an all porcelain crown  in one visit.

We also have digital computer x-rays for your safety.    And all our charts are on the computer (no paper charts).






2.  Mineral & Heavy Metal Testing. – We do this in the office using a spectrophotometer.   It’s a very easy process and you get a printout of your results that you can take home.   This is the world’s only intra-cellular test.   All the other tests (hair, blood, & urine provocation) are “extra”-cellular tests and only measure what’s in the extra-cellular matrix outside of the cell.    A major issue today is that the cell membrane won’t permit nutrients & minerals into the cell and won’t permit toxins & heavy metals to be removed from the cell.   This test identifies what’s actually “in” the cell and identifies what’s available for the cell to use, while the older tests mentioned above, can’t and won’t do this.   This is highly advanced technology at it’s finest.    Dr. Taras has a second doctorate degree as a Naturopathic Physician and belongs to the American Naturopathic Medical Association.


3.  Pulse PEMF.  –  Pulsed Electro-Magentic Frequencies (PEMF) helps get rid of pain, soreness, & inflammation.    It also increases circulation, oxygenation, alkalinity (pH), flexibility, & cellular health.   PEMF increases cell membrane permeability so that nutrients & minerals can get into the cell and toxins & heavy metals can be removed from the cell.    This is an extremely exciting holistic technology that is a game changer.   Dr. Taras is the ONLY dentist in the country with advanced training in Pulse PEMF and the only practitioner of any kind in the Lehigh Valley using this device.


4.  Safe Mercury Filling Removal.    Dr. Taras is the ONLY Holistic Dentist in the Lehigh Valley.   He has the training & experience to remove your toxic mercury fillings safely.   

 The famous “Smoking Tooth” video on Youtube shows how toxic mercury vapor is constantly released from mercury fillings.
 The mercury coming off people’s mercury fillings is known to CAUSE disease.   Even the government now admits this.
 A typical toxic mercury filling that constantly emits toxic mercury vapor.    Mercury was taken out of thermometers but it still remains in many people’s mouths.  
 Dr. Taras is the ONLY dentist in the Lehigh Valley who uses ozone and he has advanced training in ozone.  Ozone oxidizes mercury & the heavy metals that have infiltrated the underlying dentin, rendering them harmless.  

 5.  Family Oriented Dental Care. – We offer a wide range of traditional dental services including exam/checkups, cleanings, deep cleanings/root planing, tooth colored fillings, extractions, root canals, crowns, dentures, implants, & teeth whitening.   We see both children & adults.

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