Mineral & Heavy Metal Testing


“Before” – above.    “After” – below.   The body used up all of this patient’s selenium trying to remove the mercury and lead.   The depleted selenium levels allowed the mercury & lead to build up in the body.    Taking some selenium not only significantly elevated this patient’s selenium to much healthier levels; but also  significantly lowered this patient’s mercury & lead.

Low levels of selenium are dangerous because they can lead to a sudden heart attack or cancer.    High lead causes learning disabilities.   High mercury causes Alzheimer’s Disease and disables many enzymes in the body.   By getting this test, the patient was able to dramatically lower their risk for both heart disease and cancer, which are leading killers in the U.S..



 The book, “The Elements” illustrates the atomic structures of mercury and selenium on the right hand side of each page.   Below that are the light frequency fingerprints of each molecule, which is how the spectrophotometer is able to determine exactly what and how much of each molecule s present inside your cells.

The heavy metal cadmium is considered a Class 1 carcinogen by the World Health Organization (WHO).

This patient had a high level of cadmium and an aggressive form of skin cancer.


When the minerals copper & zinc are elevated it means the person has a fatty liver.

The patient was an alcoholic for  7 years and successfully completed rehab.

A fatty liver can progress to liver cirrhosis then death.   This test saved this patient’s life.


This patient didn’t have any alcohol for 30+ years; but yet has a fatty liver.   The patient eats a lot of fruit and consumes organic cane sugar sweetened products.

100% of fruit sugar (fructose) is converted to fat in the liver, while only 80% of alcohol is converted to fat in the liver.    

The sugars in this patient’s diet depleted their chromium to very low levels so they were not able to make chromodulin and get glucose into their cells so they always felt tired.   This test saved this patient’s life.


 Toxic mercury vapor comes off mercury fillings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.    

The mercury gets taken up by the lungs and gets stored in:
– the brain (depression),
– cell membranes (auto immune disease), and
– destroys the myelin sheaths around the axons of the nerves (Alzheimer’s Disease), 

 Many books have been written on the dangers of toxic mercury fillings.
 Typical mercury fillings made up of 50% mercury.

“Smoking Tooth” video on YouTube.

Dr. Taras is the only Holistic Dentist and only dentist with the training & experience to remove mercury fillings safely in the Lehigh Valley.


Antimony is used in flame retardant compounds and can be carcinogenic.

For most applications of lead, antimony is used as an alloying metal.   Lead-acid batteries, bullets, lead shot, solder, and pewter are examples.


 The 5 main minerals to get metals out of the cells are:
– Iodine,
– Zinc,
– Magnesium,
– Selenium, &
– Sulphur.

The patient’s extremely low zinc is very concerning because it prevents the cells from mobilizing the metals.

The patient’s low magnesium is concerning for the same reason; but also of concern is the huge unbalanced ratio between magnesium and calcium.


The patient’s low phosphorus is also very alarming because it prevents the phosphorus lipid bilayer cell wall from not only taking in minerals and nutrients; but the cell can’t move toxins and metals out of the cell because the cell wall is deficient in phosphate proteins.

The patient’s very low chromium levels are also noted and requires supplementation.   For the first time in the patient’s life, they know what to supplement with, what not to supplement with,  and also the proof behind those recommendations.

The cost of the mineral & heavy metal test is $250.   During the hour long visit you will get a printout of your mineral status and your heavy metal status and Dr. Taras will review the results with you and make recommendations.

The test is a very easy and non-invasive test where we use a spectrophotometer to measure four areas of your non-dominant hand.   So if you’re right handed, we use your left hand and vice versa.   No blood needs to be drawn.    No sending samples to a lab and waiting 3 weeks for results.   We get the results in seconds.

Each mineral &  heavy metal has a different atomic structure and so absorbs different frequencies of light.   The spectrophotometer measures the frequencies of light reflected back off the atom (the light not absorbed).


Each mineral & heavy metal has its own unique fingerprint of light frequencies that are not absorbed and are reflected back that enables us to measure what and how much of each atom you have.


The book, “The Elements” by Theodore Gray shows the atomic structure of each molecule as well as its light frequency finger print below the picture of it’s molecular structure.  


Look at the right hand side of the zinc page where you can see both the molecular structure of zinc  and its light frequency finger print.  


“Health” depends on if the cells have what they need in order to function.   What’s inside the cell?   If the nutrients & minerals in the extra cellular matrix can’t traverse the cell membrane and get into the cell, then the cell can’t and won’t function properly.   The mitochondria won’t have what they need to make energy (ATP) and the person may feel tired all the time.   

This is the world’s only test that actually measures what’s inside the cell.  The other three tests (hair, blood, & urine provocation test) only measure what’s outside the cell, in the extra cellular matrix.    But what matters is what’s actually “inside” the cells. 

Today, many people suffer from cell membrane disease where the nutrients & minerals can’t get into the cell and the metabolic cell wastes & toxins (like heavy metals) can’t get out of the cell, go into the extra cellular matrix, be taken away by the blood, and then excreted by the organs of elimination (liver, kidney, & skin).   This is why many people feel run down, sick, older, & tired.  

The first step on the road to health is to find out what the body is lacking and what heavy metal bio-burdens are present.   Please call (610) 432 – 1320 for an appointment.

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