Do you have questions about the safety of the mercury fillings in your mouth? You’re not alone! MERCURY FILLINGS ARE NOT SAFE!!! Everyday, people ask us to take out their toxic mercury fillings and replace them with the safer tooth colored fillings and for good reason.

Please note that the old terminology “amalgam” or “silver filling” isn’t used anymore because it was propaganda (i.e. – a lie!) to trick people into thinking a mercury filling is safe. The science and time tested facts overwhelmingly support the truth that mercury fillings increase a person’s bio-burden.

  • FACT: Mercury is the most poisonous non-radioactive substance on the planet. Only plutonium is more toxic! SO WHY IS IT IN YOUR TEETH?!
  • As this toxic mercury vapor accumulates in your body, it adds to your body’s bio-burden. The body doesn’t readily excrete Hg so it accumulates.
    Typical mercury (Hg) filling in your mouth.   Loose, unbound mercury in that mercury filling.   Mercury vapor leaves a mercury filling and accumulates in your body.   From the
    U.S. Dept.
    of Health.

  • FACT: ALL mercury fillings leak substantial amounts of toxic mercury vapor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout your lifetime.Mercury from fillings produce the majority of human exposure to mercury. There’s no such thing as a safe mercury filling.

    … it is fairly obvious that mercurydoescome out of fillings; that it doesproduce a toxic compound that is given off as the fillings corrode; and that enough of this substancedoesform to cause disease.
    – p.39, It’s All in Your Head, Dr. Hal Huggins.

  • Based on the known toxic potentials of mercury and its documented release from dental amalgams, usage of mercury-containing amalgam increases the health risk of patients, the dentists, and the personnel. –the International Conference on Biocompatibility of Materials, November, 1988.

  •                              In this slide, mercury has accumulated in a white blood cell, killing it. Is it any wonder that this person may have a depressed immune system?

    As mercury accumulates in heart cells, the person can die from a heart attack at a young age.

    As mercury accumulates in the nerves, it kills them and may lead to nerve diseases (see more re nerves below).

                                                              Mercury can interfere directly with disease-fighting white blood cells and can inactivate neutrophils, the most important type of white blood cells.
    White blood cells are essential components of the immune system and are responsible for killing bacteria inside the body and protecting it from infections.

    Mercury’s poisonous effects on the body are so widespread that estimates state that it can directly contribute to over 100 symptoms and diseases.
    Mercury can dramatically inhibit the function of the immune system, opening the door to other serious health problems. – p.44, The Poison In Your Teeth, Dr. Tom McGuire.


    The brain absorbs 10x more mercury from vapour than from injecting or swallowing the same amount of mercury. – The Lancet, May 27, 1989.

  • FACT: Mercury is stored in every cell in your body; but especially in the brain (that is – your central nervous system = CNS). Mercury vapor from mercury fillings is readily absorbed and kills your nerves.
    p.12 – Mercury invades the nervous system, causing neurologic dysfunction.

    Dr. Michael Rosenbaum.

      Subacute mercury poisoning finds expression above all in neurological symptoms
    In most cases of damage the toxic action is primarily on the CNS.
    Amalgam must share the blame for a great deal.

    Amalgam FIllings – Special Waste Sites in our Mouths, Gerda Otten, Germany.

      Amalgam fillings contain and release mercury as a poisonous vapor!
    As it accumulates, it poisons cells and tissues, particularly brain and nervous system.

    p. 16, The Poison In Your Teeth, Dr. Tom McGuire.

      When you activate the surface of your mercury amalgam fillings by chewing, drinking hot beverages or carbonated sodas,… the mercury vapor that’s released increases dramatically.
    This mercury gets absorbed directly into your body and can make you feel sick and can have serious health effects on many of your body systems.

    – p. 26, The Toxic Dental Office, Dr. Donald Robbins.
    Nerve cell BEFORE
    mercury (Hg) exposure.

    Nerve cell DURING
    mercury (Hg) exposure.

      Nerve cell AFTER mercury (Hg) exposure. Nerves degenerate (die) when exposed to mercury.

    Let’s get a closer look at the nerve cones (below) to see how they fare in the presence of mercury (Hg).
    Could a known neurotoxin like mercury be a contributing (or causative!) factor in nerve conditions?

    Like depression? Bipolar? ADD/ADHD? Autism?
    Asperger’s syndrome?

    Hmmm, ya think?! Tubulin is yellow.

    Fluorescent image of nerve cone BEFORE Hg exposure.

      Actin is red.

    AFTER Hg exposure the nerve cone degenerates (dies).

    When autism was first diagnosed as a unique disorder in the 1940s, it was considered a rare occurrence. Then, starting in the early 1990s, diagnosed cases of autism in the U.S. increased dramatically. The number of school-age children who were diagnosed with it increased by over 800 percent.
    Scientists know that on its own, genetics cannot sufficiently account for that huge increase. (I personally believe that the introduction of high copper, non-gamma 2-amalgams in the late 1960s and early 1970s played a significant role in this increase.) – p.62, The Poison In Your Teeth, Dr. Tom McGuire.

                                                            …mercury is highly reactive chemically. It likes to combine with biological tissue. In the mouth, mercury has the ability to combine with a carbon-hydrogen compound called a methyl group.
    When mercury combines with methyl groups it is called methyl mercury. Methyl mercury is 100 times more toxic than plain, elemental mercury.
    It is especially toxic to the brain and nerve tissue, which may explain amalgam’s relationship to MS, epilepsy, and emotional disturbances.– p.31.

    I recommend having mercury fillings removed as soon as possible. – p.33,It’s All in Your Head, Dr. Hal Huggins.

    These nerve conditions have exploded since the introduction of high copper mercury fillings in the 1970s. High copper mercury fillings release 50xs (yes that’s FIFTY TIMES) more mercury vapor then the older mercury fillings. And of course, epigenetics passes the mercury problems to future generations. Lovely.

    And you still have TOXIC mercury fillings in your mouth because……..(?)

    Now let’s approach this from a different angle. What do the companies that actually make mercury fillings say about their own product? Below are the warning labels from three different mercury filling manufacturers. They’re pretty clear.

    “The package insert is even scarier. The placement of …amalgam… will increase the level of mercury in the body of the patient.” – p.52, The Toxic Dental Office, Dr. Donald Robbins.

  • FACT:
    Tytin (a company that makes mercury fillings) says that their product is poison, nerve damaging, kidney damaging,and a SERIOUS health hazard.
    So the American Dental Association gives their seal of approval to a product that is 50% poisonous mercury and is known to cause birth defects and to be toxic to your nervous system?
    Hmmm, I wonder why?
    Could it be because the ADA owns two patents on amalgams?
    1. United States Patent 4,018,600 – April 19, 1977.
    2. United States Patent 4,078,921 – March 14, 1978.

    Is this a conflict of interest? For the ADA to make money at the expense of the health of millions of people? Does the ADA seem like a criminal organization to you? Is it any wonder dentists are dropping out of the ADA?



    “And this little-known fact is worth considering: the ADA has experienced declining membership over the last few decades.” – p.142, The Toxic Dental Office, Dr. Donald Robbins.

  • “I hope … more and more conscientious dental professionals are going to join the rebellion against their own organization, the American Dental Association.” – Dr. Robert C. Atkins, M.D.

  • In 1984, due to overwhelming scientific evidence, the ADA finally admitted
    that mercury vapor is indeed released from amalgams. – p.13, The Poison In Your Teeth, Dr. Tom McGuire.
  • “The ADA owes no legal duty of care to protect the public from allegedly dangerous products used by dentists ..Dissemination of information relating to the practice of dentistry does not create a duty of care to protect the public from potential injury.” American Dental Association lawyers.

  •                                                                                                              “When you go into a drug store and walk down the aisle for medications such as an aspirin or antihistamine, or the aisle with antacids on the shelves, you see many products in various packaging. But if you look at the box or the, you see no mention of the American Medical Association.
    Now take a walk down the aisle with the dental products on the shelves. Pick up any name-brand toothpaste or floss and look at the label. It says, “Seal of Approval of the American Dental Association.”
    Now consider this: companies must pay to have their product “evaluated” and use of this seal must be approved by the ADA. Only then may the “official” seal be placed on their products. The ADA collects huge sums of money each year, directly and indirectly, from the use of this official seal.”
    p.141, The Toxic Dental Office, Dr. Donald Robbins.

                                                                                                                                                                Mercury is poisonous. Any high school kid knows that. So how is it that our nation’s dentists (educated for eight rigorous years beyond high school) can daily, in good conscience, fill their patients’ teeth with an amalgam consisting of approximately 50 percent mercury? It is a result of ceaseless misinformation combined with misplaced trust. – p.57, It’s All in Your Head, Dr. Hal Huggins.

  • FACT: Mercury has been banned in skin care, in animals, and in medicines.

QUESTION: Do you have mercury fillings in your mouth? WHY?!

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