Safe mercury filling Removal

… it is extremely important to have mercury amalgam fillings removed safely, with all precautions taken.

Without these precautions, the considerable mercury vapor absorbed into the body during removal can have serious health consequences. –p.28, The Toxic Dental Office, Dr. Donald Robbins.

Unless the source of mercury is removed, more and more symptoms related to chronic mercury poisoning will appear over time. –p.36.
Drilling out just one average sized amalgam filling can release up to 4,000 mcg/Hg/m3 of mercury vapor. This will help you understand why I promote the safe removal of amalgam fillings! –p.26,The Poison In Your Teeth, Dr. Tom McGuire.

As a holistic dental office we are highly aware of the potential for excess exposure to toxic mercury when removing mercury fillings. In order to help eliminate the amount of toxic mercury exposure to both patients and staff, we take certain protective measures.                                                                                                                                                                                  
Dr. Taras has brought together proven mercury safe technologies from his decades of study and experience. He continues to meet with the world’s leading health experts to incorporate the best and most effective health remedies available. We have the most comprehensive safe mercury filling removal protocol available anywhere! Click on “Protection Program” (to the left) for more info.

  • DentAirVac Turbo VII  



    This special suction machine helps us safely remove toxic mercury fillings.

    This vacuum is specifically designed to remove and filter toxic mercury vapors and microbiological contaminants away from the immediate breathing area of the patient, dentist, & staff.

    “I love this suction machine because the patient doesn’t have to breath in the aerosols created from working in the mouth. Patients aren’t exposed to the toxic mercury vapors like before and it’s a much healthier situation for everyone.”– Dr. Taras.

  •   CleanUp is a very effective aspirating system greatly exceeding the efficiency of the traditional straw-type suction devices.
    CleanUp surrounds the tooth and can be used in lieu of a rubber dam according to the IAOMT.
  • CleanUp Suction
    from the IAOMT –
                                                                                        “This is one of the best devices I’ve come across in dentistry and is much more effective then a rubber dam.”

    – Dr. Taras.
      Dr. Donald Robbins on the rubber dam:
    “In my opinion, with the latex sheet covering the mouth, it is not possible for the dental assistant to effectively suction out the mercury and vapor in the mouth, so the patient inhales, absorbs or swallows it. It has also been shown that mercury can penetrate the latex dam and end up in the mouth anyway.”

    – p.92, The Toxic Dental Office, Dr. Donald Robbins.

  • Ozone                                                                                                                     Please see the “Holistic Therapy” tab and then click on “Ozone Therapy” to learn more about ozone.