Dental Implants

Dental implants replace missing teeth.

A tooth is made of:

– a root (in your jaw bone, under your gums) and

– a crown (that you eat with, brush, & floss).

An “implant” replaces the missing root.

A “crown” (or cap) is put on top of the implant root, and now the patient can eat normally again.

    Case 1 
    Upper left central incisor.
    Root canals, posts, & crowns were used to restore
    the teeth; but one tooth had a broken root (so it
    had to be extracted and an implant placed).

    The healing cap (sitting on
    top of the implant)
    was removed (below).

    An abutment is

    firmly attached to

    the implant.

    A crown is made

    to fit on top of the


    Healing cap unscrewed.   Healing cap removed.   Abutment put on.   Crown put on.

    Case 2 – missing upper right central incisor.

    Healing cap (top view).   Implant without
    healing cap.

    Abutment screwed down

    into place.


    Abutment firmly attached

    to implant.

    Healing cap removed.
    Front view.
    Abutment on implant.
    Crown on abutment.