Far InfraRed Detox


This page is for informational purposes.   FIR Sauna treatment is not available at this time in our office.

Removing toxins is imperative for the body to function properly.

Every year there are more chemical toxins and heavy metal toxins in our environment which accumulate in our bodies and make us sick.

Sweating detoxifies the body by removing toxins through the skin.   Of the three different types of saunas, one uses radiant heat and two use convection heat (steam & dry heat saunas).  

The Far InfraRed (FIR) radiant heat saunas are the most effective by far. 


1.  Radiant Heat (FIR) Saunas

What is FIR? 400:107 

     The sun emits a spectrum of electromagnetic waves with different frequencies and characteristics.  Only a small portion of the sun’s electromagnetic spectrum is visible light.

     Radiant Heat (FIR) Saunas utilize the power of Far InfraRed (FIR) electromagnetic waves to detoxify the body.

Electromagnetic spectrum 2  600:216

     The Far InfraRed width of electromagnetic light energy from the sun can penetrate up to 2 inches below the surface of the skin, resonating with the natural frequencies of the cells.

     The human body readily absorbs infrared energy since the infrared light waves and the human body vibrate at the same frequency. This process is called “Resonant Absorption”.

     The light energy is converted into heat energy.  In physics, this reaction is called “Direct Light Conversion.”

     The special form of electromagnetic energy excites the body tissues and fluids at the cellular and molecular level.  This releases accumulated bio-burdens like chemicals, heavy metals, and other toxins.

FIR penetration 2   300:215

Therasauna 300:266

     Far InfraRed (FIR) Saunas (like this TheraSauna) utilize the principle of radiant heat.

     Far InfraRed electromagnetic waves are emitted by ceramic heater panels (mounted in the wall of the sauna).

     One of the cornerstones of FIR sauna therapy is detoxification of the body.

     The congested fatty/water tissues (which store the majority of collected toxins, acids, pathogens and carcinogens in your body) are broken down into smaller particles by the vibrational effect of FIR energy at the cellular level.

     These smaller particles of toxins, fats, PCB’s, and heavy metals are expelled through the pores of your skin by vigorous sweating.  The sweat produced using a FIR sauna can contain up to 20% toxic cellular waste and environmental pollutants!

      FIR Saunas treat more than 100 different health conditions (including cancer), increase immune function, and prevent disease.

     The air temperature inside the FIR Sauna is 30-60 degrees cooler than the less effective conventional saunas (remember, are heating the body directly, not the air).

     With the deep heating characteristics of Far InfraRed, you will sweat more profusely than the older steam or hot rock saunas.

radiant heat, warm and cold 2   300:224

     FIR Saunas offer an inviting, comfortable atmosphere with warm, gentle heat waves rolling over your entire body.  It’s much easier to breathe, much safer to use, and provides ten times the health benefits!  Detoxifying regularly in a FIR Sauna is an absolute must with heavy metal and chemical toxins dramatically increasing each and every year.

 FIR vs conventional saunas  300.215




     One of the primary differences between Far InfraRed (FIR) Saunas and conventional steam and hot rock saunas is the technology used to heat the air.

2.  Convection Heat Saunas

     Steam and hot rock saunas utilize the principle of Convection Heat.  Convection heaters simple make the air hotter inside the sauna cabin and then the hot air heats the skin.  Steam and hot rock sauna temperatures reach 160-220 degrees Fahrenheit.  This air temperature can be harmful to the visc oius membrane tissue of your eyes and other sensitive body areas.

Steam room 200:150
Thermometer  200:150
Hot rock sauna 200:150 

     Due to the high air temperature of convection heat, many people report feeling light headed, claustrophobic, and have difficulty breathing in traditional saunas.  These high temperatures are often overwhelming and produce an unpleasant experience.  The sauna bather is neither comfortable nor relaxed.

Big Steam-Sauna  200:150
Cool sauna spa 200:150
Big sauna room  200:150

     Convection heat doesn’t penetrate the human body very deeply, since it heats from the outside to the inside.  This limits the detoxification efficiency of steam and hot rock saunas, with only 2-3% of your sweat containing expelled acids, toxins, and heavy metals.

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