A Holistic Dentist can use an activated form of oxygen (called ozone) to kill bad bacteria that cause infections.  Ozone is a natural therapy that we like much better then synthetic antibiotic drugs (that can have bad side effects and have been losing effectiveness over the years).  

Ozone is simply 3 oxygen atoms (O3) instead of 2 oxygen atoms (O2) like oxygen.


 An ozone/oxygen mixture, when introduced into the living system, creates what is called a “transient oxidative burst.”

The infective microorganisms have no natural defense against this reaction, and, as a result are overstressed and die.

Thus, ozone/oxygen disinfects the are treated, both safely and effectively.  This “oxidative burst” also induces a multitude of natural biochemical and physiological reactions that include better blood flow, enhanced immune response, and a more rapid healing response. 

Dr. Taras can use ozone therapy when treating cavities and during root canal therapy.



Ozone allows us to avoid the overused antibiotic drugs that can have bad side effects.  Ozone not only doesn’t have negative side effects, ozone can have positive side effects like increased energy.

To the left is an electron micrograph of an E.Coli bacterium being killed by ozone.  The circular hole (at the top of the E,Coli), was made by a molecule of ozone,   This causes the bacteria to blow up and die.


p.11 – Ozone is the single safest therapy in the history of medicine.

p.13 – Ozone, like most natural therapies, works by correcting homeostatic imbalances in the body.

pp.18-19 – Through oxidation and other chemical reactions, disease microorganisms and deficient cells are killed and eliminated from the body.

p.31 – As a potent oxidizer, ozone kills bacteria by rupturing the cell wall.


p. 7 – Ozone can “blast” holes through the membranes of viruses, yeast, bacteria, and abnormal tissue cells before killing them.


P. 271 – Ozone will oxidize or burn up any virus, bacteria, fungus, pathogen, toxicity, or pollution in the body and yet leaves healthy cells alone.


Lipoperoxide is created, which goes on to kill the next bad bacteria’s cell wall.

An increasing number of bad bacteria are becoming antibiotic resistant. So not only do antibiotics NOT work in a lot of cases, they can’t kill fungi, mold, parasites, or spores. Fortunately, ozone doesn’t have these two problems.

  Dr. Taras uses ozone units that uses medical grade oxygen because he finds it more effective and safer then ozone units that use only ambient room air, which is 80% nitrogen. In 2010 Dr. Taras became certified as an ozone practitioner and in 2011 received advanced certification.

A LONG HISTORY– Oxidative therapies, like ozone, “have beenused clinically by European physicians for over a century, and were first reported by Dr. I.N. Love in theJournal of the American Medical Associationin 1888. Since that time, they have been studied in many major medical research centers throughout the world, including Baylor University, Yale University, the University of California at Los Angelas, and Harvard University in the United States, as well as in medical schools and laboratories in Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Russia, Canada, Japan, Cuba, Mexico, and Brazil. Today,between fifty and one hundred scientific articles about the chemical and biological effects of ozone and hydrogen peroxide are publishedeach month.” –p.18, The Oxygen Prescription, Nathaniel Altman.

Even though an estimatedfifteen thousand European practitionerslegally use oxidative therapies in their practices, the number of physicians using these therapies in North America is still small, due in part to the fact that information about ozone and hydrogen peroxide is not provided inmedical schools, which are largely funded by pharmaceutical companies. –p.21, The Oxygen Prescription, Nathaniel Altman.

A major reason for this lack of interest in oxidative therapies is that ozone and hydrogen peroxide are nonpatentable substances that are very inexpensive to manufacture and use. There is simply no financial incentive to incorporate them into traditional medical practice. – p.22, The Oxygen Prescription, Nathaniel Altman.

In the FDA, the drug companies have representatives on nearly all the committees. If there’s something which may be very effective but may undersell the average drug company, of course they are not going to be very pleased if it gets developed. It might be very difficult for them to compete with that. And ozone is obviously inexpensive to produce; it is very potent and if it works half as well as the Germans claim it does, everyone should be using it. – Michael T.F. Carpendale, M.D.

Nobody in the pharmaceutical industry can sell ozone. When we can find a way to sell ozone, I am sure that ozone will be the most important drug in the world. – Dr. Horst Kief.

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