Why Holistic

 Traditional dental training  shows students how to put mercury fillings in people’s teeth.  Students are taught to call such fillings “amalgams” or “silver fillings.”   They’re taught that such fillings are safe simply because they’ve been used for many years.  Incredibly, that’s literally the extent of the scientific facts that traditionally trained dentists rely on.

Since mercury is known to be the second most toxic substance on the planet, why would this known neurotoxin be a material of choice to put in someone’s head?  A few inches from their brain?

This barbaric treatment isn’t acceptable to the health oriented who increasingly see the traditional main stream medical model as a FAILED experiment.


BEFORE – toxic        mercury fillings put out poisonous mercury vapor CAUSING disease..

 Holistic practitioners, on the other hand, don’t poison their patients with mercury.  A Holistic Dentist would never put a mercury filling in someone’s tooth, because they know that poisonous mercury vapor out-gasses from the mercury filling, gets absorbed by the body, and can lead to disease.  People who are holistically oriented don’t want to increase their body bio-burden because they know that’s how people acquire diseases.

Biocompatiblity tests can show what materials are the least offensive to your system.  As any school child would guess, mercury NEVER comes up as safe on biocompatibility tests!  


AFTERsame tooth restored with porcelain.

As a holistic dentist, people ask me to take out their mercury fillings everyday. They want to make better choices then the sick people around them. They want a high-tech, holistic dentist.

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                                                                          “One of the greatest problems with the medical establishment today is that it is notorious for treating symptoms, rather than root causes.

Pharmaceutical medicine says if you have a symptom, treat the symptom with powerful drugs that numb or temporarily stop the pain, undergo expensive therapies, or even invasive surgeries.

Treating only the symptoms is like covering up the warning light on your dashboard and saying your engine is still in great shape.

So the warning light said the engine was heating up; I’ll just cover it with tape. So another light said the engine is low on oil; I’ll just cover that one with tape, too. But eventually, real damage will be done, and your car will break down.” – p.71.