Michael Taras, DMD, FAGD, FIND, CNC, NMD, IBDM.

Dr. Taras

Dr. Taras is a general dentist with traditional, high-tech, AND holistic training & experience. As the area’s most family-friendly dental office, we have a long-standing reputation for providing high-quality dental care.

Now, more than ever, people are seeking healthier lifestyles. That’s where we can help!

As the Lehigh Valley’s premier holistic dentist, Dr. Taras recognizes the impact of toxins, nutrition, & lifestyle on oral health. He developed the Mercury Protection Program for safe mercury filling removal and has extensive training & experience that he brings to his patients.

Traditional Government Education 
  • 1984 Fairleigh Dickinson University – BS.
  • 1988 University of Medicine & Dentistry of NJ –DMD.
  • 1994 Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry – FAGD.

“Informal” Holistic Education

1994 – present (too extensive to list).  
Dr. Taras (far right) with  Ayurvedic  Physician Dr. Scott Gerson of NYC (center) at his retreat in Brewster, NY. 1994.        

“Formal” Holistic Education

2001 – Fellow in the Institute of Natural Dentistry – FIND.

2007 – Certified Nutritional Counselor – CNC.

2010 – Ozone certification.

2011 – Advanced Ozone certification.

2011 – Certified in Soluna Spagyrics therapy.

2011 – Naturopathic Physician – NMD.

2011 – Integrative Biological Dental Medicine – IBDM.

2014 – Bioresonance Analysis of Health.

2015 – Advanced Bio-feedback.

2016 – Advanced Bio-energetics – Germany.

2016 – Kinesiology.
2017 – True Health Medical School, Spain.
2019 – PEMF certification – Atlanta, GA.
2019 – Advanced Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency training.
2020 – Healing is Voltage, Senergy Medical Group -Dallas, Tx.

    Dr. Taras with his graduating Naturopath class in 2011.
    Dr. Taras gave the class a lecture on Far Infrared Therapy.

  • Dr. Taras received Allentown‘s Garden Club award for the most beautiful garden for a business in Allentown.
    Dr. Taras is standing next to the mayor of Allentown and the garden club president.

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