Pulse PEMF

Yet another holistic therapy Dr. Taras uses in his office is Pulse PEMF, which stands for pulsed electro-magnetic frequencies.   Nikola Tesla found that our cells work as independent electrical circuits, accumulating and holding an electrical charge.  The Pulse PEMF technology grew out of those earlier discoveries and is regarded as one of the greatest breakthrough technologies for heatlh of the last century.

Dr. Taras explains, “Pulsing healthy electro-magnetic frequencies into cells increases their pH from acidic to alkaline and increases circulation and oxygenation.   The number of mitochondria and ATP production increases and the cell membrane becomes more porous so minerals and nutrients are able to get into the cell and toxins are able to exit, which detoxes the cell.”   


Above we see the Pulse PEMF being applied to the knee, thyroid gland, and shoulder.    Areas that are sore or have chronic pain have low voltage in the cells.    As we put voltage back into the cells as shown above, soreness, pain, and inflammation go away.  People routinely find they have more flexibility, more mobility,  and feel energized.

“All disease occurs when you are acidic.   What this is really saying is all disease occurs when your voltage is low.   “Alkalize or die” means you must have electrons available to do work or your cells will die.

A free radical is a molecule that is missing electrons.   An antioxidant is a molecule capable of giving away electrons.  

Now let’s assume that I ran out of voltage before I was able to make enough new cells to replace those I injured.    Now I am stuck in chronic disease.   I cannot make new cells unless I have -50mV and all the raw materials I need to make new cells.  

Chronic disease is always defined by having low voltage.   One cannot cure chronic disease without  inserting enough electrons to achieve -50mV.   One must also have the raw materials necessary to make new cells and to eliminate the toxins or infections present that will damage the new cells.   You can take all the medications you like and do as much surgery as you like, but you will not heal unless you have -50mV, raw materials, and lack of toxins.

Without the ability to achieve -50mV and the necessary raw materials to make new cells, you cannot maintain your health and you will suffer aging and chronic disease.    You also are unable to repair injuries, so they can also lead to chronic disease.   You don’t need drugs to heal.  You need to make new cells that work to heal.    To make good cells, you need voltage and a good diet.   You also need to remove toxins from your body that damage cells and make you obese.”    pp. 91 – 95, Healing is Voltage.”



 Using the ring accessory to put voltage into the cells of the wrist.
Dr. Taras at the advanced Pulse PEMF training in Norcross, Georgia.

Earthing or grounding is when people walk barefoot outside.   They are picking up the earth’s healthy electromagnetic frequencies through their feet and feel better.   This is the same reason people like going to the beach.   They feel better because the electrons (voltage) from walking barefoot in the sand and being in the water are recharging them.


The Pulse PEMF device is doing the same thing as grounding except in a much more concentrated way.   That’s why people get profound results with it.   Two major issues today are inflammation and being stuck in sympathetic dominance, which cause the vast majority of our maladies.    The healthy electro-magnetic frequencies from the Pulse PEMF unit gets rid of inflammation and balances people’s sympathetic (fight or flight) and parasympathetic (calm, relax) branches of their autonomic nervous systems.


“The electrical energies people are exposed to indoors for large periods of time escalate the risk of infection, stress, and degenerative diseases and reduce oxygen uptake and activity levels.”   p. 75.

“Grounding significantly influences the electrical activity of the brain and muscles.”  p. 78.

“The overall  results provided additional proof of reduced stress and tension levels, and a shift in nervous system balance from a stress-stimulated sympathetic mode to a calmer parasympathetic mode.   Earthing energizes major acupuncture channels.”  p. 79.

 “Grounding generated readings indicative of reduced inflammation and energized internal organs….showing reduction of internal organ tension and inflammation as well as increased parasympathetic activitiy in the nervous system.”   p. 80.

The cost of a 60 minute session is $99.   The patient will experience the healthful pulsing electromagnetic frequencies (PEMF) for themselves using the Pulse PEMF chair & accessories and be in control of the strength as well as the concentration of the health giving frequencies .

The Pulse PEMF introductory sessions are a very unique experience where the patient will be able to feel for themselves areas in the body that are low in voltage and need recharging.

After the PEMF pulsing session people typically feel increased mobility and decreased inflammation, soreness, and pain.  Because the parasympathetic autonomic nervous system is stimulated people often feel more relaxed, especially those stuck in sympathetic dominance.

Please call (610) 432 -1320 to set up appointments for your Pulse PEMF introductory sessions.    

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