– checkup, cleaning, & x-rays.

If you have dental insurance
you can have;
x-rays, 2 cleanings, & 2 checkups
per year –for free!

Call (610) 432 – 1320
for an appointment.



 During your first visit we will:

– take digital computer x-rays of your teeth, clean, & examine your teeth,

– check your gums to see if there’s any inflammation or gum disease,

– perform an oral cancer exam, TMJ screening, & check for mis-aligned teeth, 

– let you know if anything needs attention, as well as your treatment options, and
– figure out what your dental insurance covers. 

A true family practice for both children & adults.


– treatment.

To treat your teeth & gums, we use the best high tech equipment at no extra charge to you.




We design your restoration on computer.

CAD CAM milling unit makes your restoration.


Other Services We Offer Are:

Safe Mercury Filling Removal

Mineral & Heavy Metal Testing
Pulse PEMF

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1.  Click on a form link above (example – click on “Welcome form“).
2.  Print form, fill it out, & scan it back into your computer.
3.  When done filling out all three forms, e-mail them to [email protected]
or  you can bring the filled out forms with you to your appointment.