Tooth Fillings

We use natural looking tooth colored fillings to restore teeth. However, many people still have the outdated, toxic mercury fillings (what used to dishonestly be called amalgam or silver fillings) in their mouths. Mercury fillings contain 50 percent mercury (the second most toxic substance on the planet after plutonium)!


The photo with the green background shows a 25 year old mercury filling outgassing toxic mercury vapor.

Mercury fillings are extremely toxic and release poisonous mercury (Hg) vapor into your body 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the rest of your life.

This unnecessarily adds to your body’s bio-burden.



BEFORE – broken  mercury filling releasing mercury vapor..


AFTER – same tooth with a healthier tooth colored filling.

 One of the first steps to health is removing any mercury fillings because they cause of disease.

ONLY a Holistic Dentist can remove mercury fillings safely.

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Mercury Vapor Ionizer


DentAir Vac VII



CleanUp Suction






 We use natural holistic remedies to protect you during mercury filling removal. 

  • Healthy people make healthy choices!

    We can help.

    poisonous mercury filling.

    AFTER same tooth.
    Mercury safely removed.

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